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Scaffold Board Smashes Car Windscreen

16th July 2015


A Kent driving instructor had a very lucky escape when an unsecured scaffold board flew off the back of an oncoming pick-up truck and smashed into the windscreen of his Peugeot 208.

The Instructor was travelling at around 50mph and so had no chance to take evasive action. The incident was captured on the instructor’s dash board camera and the video below shows just how lucky the instructor and the driver of the pick-up were. Had a motorcycle or bicycle been passing, the consequences could have been far more serious than a broken windscreen and some repairable damage to the car.

The  instructor managed to catch up with the driver of the pick-up later on, after a witness told him he was working nearby and the driver claimed he knew nothing about the flying board.

The incident serves to highlight the importance of securing scaffold loads. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) take matters such as these very seriously and prosecution is extremely likely following incidents such as this. The financial and restrictive penalties that can be imposed can have a massive operational impact on business of all sizes and can also be levied against the driver of any vehicles involved.

We’ll advise if any enforcement action follows in relation to this incident. We’d wager that it will!

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