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Report shows improvement in the rate of accidents and injuries amongst NASC members

29th March 2016

The report is compiled based on factual information reported by all 200 full contracting members as part of their annual accident returns.

The latest report shows some really positive findings. There were no fatalities amongst NASC members last year (2015) and this was the third year running with no fatal accidents for the Confederation’s members. The number of accidents reported was down on the previous year by nearly 9% and serious falls from scaffolds/working platforms decreased from nine to just five incidents. Please follow this link to download the full report.


The main cause of injuries amongst Scaffolders during 2015 was, according to the report, slips, trips and falls. This is an area where we hope progress can be made. SG4:15 ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’, which Simian Risk have recently been highlighting via a series of roadshows, should have a positive impact in this area, but thorough risk assessment, good workplace access, a sound housekeeping regime and well-briefed employees can also provide tangible benefit.

To further improve safety standards for members NASC is due to release new safety guidance, SG32:16 ‘Management of Slips, Trips and Falls’ which should also help to minimise the number of injuries in this area. Of course we’ll be first to advise when the guidance is released.

Simian clients requiring advice on any of these matters are free to contact their Account Manager for advice.