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Pedestrian struck by hammer that fell from scaffolding

25th October 2019

A pedestrian in Edinburgh was rushed to hospital in late September after being hit on the head by a hammer that had fallen from scaffolding.

The victim was rushed by paramedics to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, however as of yet no updates on his condition have been released.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) was notified, and enquiries are continuing as to the cause of the incident.

It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure the safety of not only their own employees but to ensure the well-being of the pubic surrounding a site, something which it has seemingly failed to do so on this occasion.

The NASC produces scaffolding-specific guidance for the protection of the public, in the form of SG34:17 ‘Guidance on the Protection of the Public’ and this is available for free download, here.


In addition to NASC’s guidance, the Health and Safety Executive also produce a free guidance document – HSG151 ‘ Protecting the Public’.

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