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NASC Withdraws Its Support for TG20:13

3rd August 2021

From Tuesday 12 October, NASC will withdraw its technical support for TG20:13 as well as its online wind map functionality, and it will no longer be possible to activate, move or reset a license for this software.

NASC has, however, confirmed that users will still be able to produce compliance sheets for scaffolding on the software that does not require the use of the wind map, so users will be able to use a simplified ‘offline’ wind map instead.

Those that require TG20 compliance sheets using data from the online wind map, will need to purchase a TG20:21 license, that is available in one, three or five year subscriptions.


Why is support being withdrawn?

TG20:13 was developed on software platform, Adobe Air, which is itself no longer supported or maintained by Adobe. Whilst the eGuide has been continually updated during its lifetime to keep up to date with changes to third party platforms such as Google Maps, this major removal of support for its platform means that NASC can no longer support it long term.

What will TG20:21 have?

TG0:21 will maintain the user-friendly look and feel of TG20:13, however the technology has had a number of revisions to improve its features. This includes presentation and clarity, as well as 3D interactive graphics.

The software will be available on the cloud via the NASC ePortal, which means improved accessibility for those using the package. The process in which to produce compliant scaffolds has also been made simpler with the technology’s revisions, with a much broader range of scaffolding types included, such as tube and fitting mobile towers, exterior birdcages, tube and fitting loading bays, and tied independent scaffolds with three inside boards.

Compliance sheets will now be double-side ad incorporate illustration, principal compliance criteria on the front, and detailed compliance criteria on the back.


Whilst we would strongly encourage customers to switch to TG20:21, those continuing to use the 2013 version are free to do so, as long as adequate considerations are given to wind impacts, but the absence of a live wind map in the old version mean this will become more difficult that it was previously.

It is likely that many Principal Contractors will require their scaffolding suppliers to make the switch, but both versions are based on BSEN 12811-1, and they largely achieve the same end result – but functionality of the latter version is much improved.

Scaffolds constructed before 12 October to the specification of a TG20:13 compliance sheet will remain valid, and there will be no requirement to produce an additional TG20:21 compliance sheet.

Customers requiring assistance with the use or application of TG20:21 are free to contact us for advice on 0345 6022418, or via