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NASC Updates Ladder Guidance

10th November 2020

The National Access and Scaffolding Association has updated one of its key scaffolding industry guidance documents.

The 2014 version of SG25 “Access and Egress from Scaffolding, via Ladders and Stair Towers etc” has been updated to SG25:20 in line with NASC’s five-year review cycle and the document, dated May 2020, can be downloaded for free from NASC’s website.

ladder guidance

Notable changes in this revision include:

A change to the well-established access hierarchy

This now includes staircases and lifts in permanent structures and detail on mechanical hoists for larger projects, which sit as items 1 & 2 in the revised version.

Expanded detail on the classification of ladders and those which are acceptable for use

Detail has been provided on the amended British and European standards and how they impact on ladders used in scaffolding work. The revised British/European standard EN131 (now BS EN131) is considered, and detail on methods of securing ladders, ladder condition and future purchase recommendations are also made.

Additional emphasis has been placed on the need to prevent unauthorised access onto scaffolds

Greater detail is provided on scaffold security and preventing unauthorised access to scaffolds, and this follows on from the HSE’s Safety Alert of July 2018, which was published after a several high-profile ‘unauthorised access’ incidents. It includes additional detail on the mixing of different systems, the use of toe boards, the provision of manufacturer’s instructions for use and the loading of materials. Amendments have also been made to the section on scaffolding ties.

Simian clients requiring additional information on ladder use in a scaffolding application are free to contact us for advice via or by telephone on 0345 602 2418.