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NASC Reminds of TG20:13 Support Withdrawal

6th October 2021

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has issued a reminder to TG20:13 users that support for the older version of the package will be removed on Tuesday 12 October, which gives users a further week to update to the 2021 version of their flagship support product.

The removal of support will allow NASC and their partners to concentrate their support on TG20:21, which was launched earlier this year, and it will see three significant changes to the older package:

  • The TG20:13 online wind map will be removed.
  • Licensing services will be switched off, so users will no longer be able to activate, deactivate or move TG20:13 eGuide licenses.
  • The TG20:13 support dashboard will be switched off.

SIMIAN recommends that existing users of the 2013 version make the switch to the 2021 version as soon as possible, so as to avoid any issues caused by the unsupported software.

NASC reminds of TG20:13 support withdrawal

Detail on the updated TG20:21 package can be found here.

SIMIAN is currently developing two TG20:21 training packages, one for managers and one for operatives, and these will be available for delivery later this year. In the interim period, customers requiring advice on the practical application of the updated standard are free to contact us on 0345 6022 418 or via