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NASC Releases TG20:13 Update

22nd September 2014

TG20 13The NASC have  released the first update to TG20:13. The update, which in our view demonstrates the progressive nature of the package, comprises two elements: –

An upgraded version of the TG20:13 eGuide

The issue of a document entitled, ‘Supplement 1’, which describes the updates in detail  (Download here)

(Note – the supplement should be used in conjunction with version 1.1 of the eGuide software).

The enhancements to the new version of the package are summarised thus: –

  • In addition to the standard 48.3mm Type 4 galvanised tube, compliance sheets are now available for BS EN 10219-1, 3.2mm thick high tensile galvanised steel tubes. Supplement 1 provides detail on the background to this improvement and considerations when using mixed tube stock.
  • The inclusion of sheeted scaffolds, constructed with TG20:13 compliant transom units. (These did not form part of version 1 of the software).
  • TG20 compliance sheets are now available for tied independent scaffolding and tied towers that are 2.0m, 3.0m or 4.0m tall;
  • Minor modifications to Compliance Sheets, including clarification on when it is acceptable to tie to the inner face of a scaffold only and a note that illustrations are intended to enhance understanding of design criteria and that they should not be viewed as design drawings per se.

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