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NASC publish updated COVID-19 guidance

4th August 2020

The NASC has recently published its updated COVID-19 guidance, that aims to support workers as the construction industry slowly returns to sites and into its ‘new normal’.

NASC publish updated COVID-19 guidance

Stating that the construction industry is providing a ‘valued and critical contribution’ to the UK economy during these challenging times, the guidance aims to ensure work can continue whilst maintaining vital health and safety levels for all workers.

Now in its third version, the NASC’s guidance has adapted to government restrictions and recommendations throughout the lockdown period. This newest guidance has relaxed previous social distancing rules, reducing this to 1 metre where 2 is not viable, under the proviso that risk mitigation measures have been carried out. This is also called 1m+ and could include the requirement to wear face coverings, if a task cannot be avoided and close contact working is required.

Other risk mitigation measures include:

  • Keeping the time of the activity in which 2 metres is not viable to a minimum
  • Increasing the frequency of surface cleaning and handwashing
  • Using screens between workers
  • Working back to back or side to side when possible
  • Using fixed teams or partners to reduce contact between multiple groups of people

The guidance goes on to discuss multiple areas within which considerations must be made, including carrying out meetings on site, travel to and from a site, PPE requirements, risk assessments, unloading of materials and much more.

Full NASC guidance can be found here.

Here at SIMIAN we have been supporting our clients as they implement measures in all aspects of health and safety, including COVID-19 considerations. Speak to our team today if you are looking for support in this area.