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NASC Issues Updated Guidance Notes

25th November 2015

The NASC has launched a further seven updates to their respected series of scaffolding industry guidance notes. These notes, the latest in a long and growing line, reaffirm the Confederation’s commitment to refresh published materials on a five-year cycle.


The notes are intended to  provide advice on key industry topics and comprise: –

  • SG6:15 – Manual Handling in the Scaffolding Industry: A well-established document that remains robust and valid (date changes only).
  • SG9:15 – Use, Inspection & Maintenance of Lifting Equipment and Accessories for Lifting in Scaffolding: A complete review with new visuals.
  • SG31:15 – Management of Slips and Trips: Significant changes including added images.
  • TG7:15 – Scaffold Board Nailplates: Date changes only.
  • TG8:15 – Fire Damage: Cost of fire damage evaluation does not warrant recovery of metal components.
  • TG11:15 – Stress Corrosion Cracking in High Tensile and Alloy Steels: Minor amendments only including change of date.
  • TG17:15 – Identification of EN74-1 Couplers: Date changes only

NASC MD, Robin James said: “With a wide range – from a short TG8 update on fire damage, to a much larger SG6 revision on manual handling in the scaffolding industry – these seven revised technical and safety guidance notes will be useful updates for the NASC membership and wider industry. The revisions also go to show the lengths that the NASC’s hard working committees go to in keeping guidance up to date with the latest health and safety and technical trends. Publishing these documents is at the heart of what the confederation does – making sure our membership continues to set the industry standard in scaffolding.”

Whilst complying with guidance notes is not a legal requirement, doing so will normally mean you stay on the right side of the law and will certainly add benefit in terms of quality and safety. The documents are free to download for NASC member companies and can be purchased by non-members from NASC’s website.

Simian clients requiring advice on any scaffolding or safety matter are free to contact their Account Manager. This extends to application of the guidance within these standards and to assistance with the application process to become an NASC member.