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NASC issues recommendations on the use of impact wrenches

29th September 2015

The use of impact wrenches in scaffolding work has been steadily increasing in recent years.  Impact wrenches are clearly popular in the industry as they undoubtedly improve productivity, but their use has been debated due to the associated health and safety risks.

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Due to an increase in enquiries regarding their use NASC has recently carried out testing and released a new statement for member companies regarding the use of impact wrenches for the erection and dismantling of scaffolding.

The NASC’s statement includes the recommendation that any employer considering authorising the use of impact wrenches, ensures that the wrench they intend to authorise is capable of applying the correct torque to scaffold fittings on a consistent and recurring basis.

They are also recommending that employees who will be using impact wrenches are given relevant training and are monitored in their use. They go on to recommend that regular refresher talks on the subject should also be provided by the employer.

More information on the recommendations and consideration for employers prior regarding the use of impact wrenches can be found on the NASC website.