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Minimum Structural Properties and Test Procedure for TG20 Compliant Transom Units

9th March 2014

Those that have found time to peruse the Operational Guide of TG20:13 may have taken interest in the section that relates to prefabricated structural transom units.

Section 4.5 of the document states: –

“Prefabricated structural transom units must be TG20 compliant, as specified by their manufacturer or supplier, to be used with TG20 compliant scaffolding.

The minimum structural properties and the required testing procedure for manufacturers are available from the NASC. Note that manufacturers are responsible for certifying their structural transom units as TG20 compliant and scaffolding contractors are responsible for using them in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

A scaffolding designer may be consulted for advice in case of doubt.”

The NASC have now issued a document (produced by CADS, the Engineers behind TG20:13) that outlines what the minimum required properties are and what this means in practice. The document is available freely and is downloadable at the NASC’s website.

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