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Meet the Team – Sara Calvo

1st March 2021

Find out more about our newest team member, Sara Calvo:

Sara Calvo

Could you please tell us about your past experience in the scaffolding industry?

Scaffolding is a new industry for me to be involved in, however, I have had 9 years’ experience in designing and then heading up a recruitment and placement department for a construction training centre, where our pre- and post-employment training and placement service was unrivalled by other training facilities.

Can you describe a typical day at Simian Risk?

Crazy and full on. I joined Simian during lockdown 2, so with very little face to face allowed, it’s been back-to-back virtual meetings with community partners and employers promoting Simian’s Pre-employment Training Schemes and Apprenticeships.

Is there one aspect of your work in particular that you most enjoy?

Community networking and assisting companies to train, motivate and retain apprentices. Getting people back into work and raising their self-esteem and motivation is very rewarding for me in all my roles over the last 20 years.

What advice would you give those considering a career in the scaffolding industry?

Be prepared to stay fit and healthy and you can earn fantastically well and carve a great career where you never stop learning. Maybe even own your own your own business one day.

In your opinion, what is the most important piece of guidance you give trainee scaffolders?

Stick with the training, listen, learn, speak up if you need help and enjoy the experience.

Before working at Simian, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

When I was involved in recruitment and pre- and post-employment training, helping newly qualified students into new carees, it was always great to see people changing their lives for the better.

During the first lockdown, I found myself on furlough and I decided to use these skills as a volunteer to help vulnerable people, who had become isolated and development anxiety due to the pandemic. This has probably been one of the most rewarding jobs that I have ever done and still do today.

Aside from scaffolding, what would be your dream job?

Travel blogger/writer

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Australia, never been, must go.

Favourite film?

Jackie Brown

Favourite food?


Have you ever had your 15 minutes of fame?

Yes! I was in the front row of the audience on Strictly Come Dancing and was on TV for the whole duration of the programme! My phone was full of text and voice messages as I had no idea this was going to happen! It was hilarious.