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Meet our team – Iain Corcoran

2nd May 2019

Iain Corcoran

A bit about your job

  1. Could you please tell us about your past experience in the industry?

I was given an opportunity to work for the National Construction College part of the CITB as a Key Account Manager, I engaged and formed good working relationships with Scaffolding Companies in the South of England organising training plans covering the full suite of access training and offering guidance on best practices within industry with the support of a good internal team of tutors and curriculum managers. I joined SIMIAN earlier this year with the intention of continuing to form relationships within industry and to ensure new starters are given the opportunity in attending our apprenticeship at one of our national training centres.

  1. Can you describe a typical day at Simian Risk?

Each day varies significantly! There is a very strong teamwork ethic in the business and so I am often working with my colleagues in our delivery team. A typical day might include showing visitors around our new Waltham Forest Centre in East London and then popping out to visit scaffolding clients in the south and signing up new apprentices or helping them address their training needs. No day is the same and working with such a passionate and knowledgeable team make it a great place to work.

  1. Is there one aspect of your work in particular that you most enjoy?

I love to engage with both new and existing customers, but signing up new apprentices is something I particularly like, because it’s great to see young people from all kinds of backgrounds taking their first steps on the scaffolding industry ladder.

What advice would you give those considering a career in the scaffolding industry?

Ensure it’s the right career path for you, and embrace every opportunity you are given and challenge yourself on a continual basis.

  1. In your opinion, what is the most important piece of guidance you give trainee scaffolders?

Think about the correct training in which you have been taught and apply these best practices to each job you’re doing, if you’re unsure, ask a qualified experienced scaffolder, or refer back to your SIMIAN Instructor.

  1. Before working at Simian, what was the most unusual or interesting job (scaffolder or other) you’ve ever had?

One of the most fulfilling jobs I had was as a Volunteer working as member of a Mountain Search & Rescue Team ensuring the safety of the general public when they were enjoying their activities in the peaks.

A bit about you

  1. Aside from working in the scaffolding industry, what would be your dream job?

I would love to have become an Actor in gritty dramas like Peaky Blinders, or a Hollywood Film like Goodfellas.

  1. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to go to the Antarctic and see the marine and wildlife.

  1. Favourite film?

Where Eagles Dare – Richard Burton & Clint Eastwood. An absolute cracker!

  1. Favourite food?

Bangers & mash with thick onion gravy!

  1. Have you ever had your 15 minutes of fame?

I was part of the audience on Top Gear Series 5 Guest Star Roger Daltrey from The Who, on the TG set I positioned myself close to where they were sat until one of the production crew put the Star in the Car Leader Board right between the camera and I!