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March Winds Blamed for Multiple Scaffolding Collapses

21st April 2023

High winds and poor weather conditions in March have been cited as the cause of a number of scaffolding incidents across the UK that varied in severity.

Spring sunshine might finally be making an appearance but the weather in March was a very different story. Numerous weather warnings were issued across the UK and high winds were contributing factors in at least three separate cases of scaffolding collapsing.

In early March, a car was damaged and a road was blocked by scaffolding which collapsed near a Co-op store in Oxford. The situation could have been much worse as the falling scaffolding narrowly missed a passerby and her dog but fortunately no one was injured in this incident on a residential street.

Elsewhere, scaffolding collapsed close to a restaurant in South End, Croydon. A man was unfortunately injured in the accident and an air ambulance attended the scene along with other emergency services. According to local news reports he fell from a height and was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

In Cheltenham, a secondary school was forced to close and pupils were sent home after scaffolding on the school grounds collapsed in the high winds. As the incident took place in a central area and during school hours, it has understandably caused great concern. The school remained closed the following day and an investigation is now underway to ascertain what went wrong at this site.

These three incidents act as a stark reminder that the stability of scaffolding in high winds is crucial to the safety of both workers and the general public. Scaffolding erected correctly and in line with the latest industry guidance should withstand even the strongest wind conditions and prevent accidents.

This Toolbox Talk is a great resource for anyone working in windy conditions. It offers crucial advice and guidance on best practice and ensuring the stability of scaffolding structures.

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