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Empowering SIMIAN Roofing Apprentices: Manthorpe Building Products provide valuable support

4th August 2023

In the construction sector apprenticeships play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of skilled workers.

Among the many businesses actively committed to supporting apprentices to get the best possible experience during their training are Manthorpe Building Products.

Manthorpe’s support with materials and expert knowledge

Manthorpe Building Products firmly believe in nurturing talent and investing in the future of the industry. In support of this mission, they have generously donated a range of high-grade materials to our SIMIAN Roofing Training Centre for our apprentices to work with. They have also committed to providing specialist input from their expert team at key points in the roofing apprentices training programme.

In discussing the motivation for their support Gareth Wright, Sales Director at Manthorpe said:

“We are aware there is a skills shortage in our industry so it is vitally important for students to be able to learn practical skills, using real products, that they can take into the world of work.  One of the most practical ways for us to support SIMIAN was to donate quality products that will add value to the students’ overall learning experience.”

The impact for our apprentices

Manthorpe’s donation of materials has delivered a multitude of benefits for our apprentices:

Enhanced learning experience: the availability of high-quality materials enriches the apprentices’ learning experience, equipping them with a deeper understanding of roofing concepts.

Boosting confidence: working with top-grade materials empowers apprentices with a sense of confidence, spurring them to perform better and aspire for excellence.

Industry readiness: exposure to advanced products prepares the apprentices for the ever-evolving roofing industry, making them industry-ready from day one.

Manthorpe’s donation of materials and time will also hopefully encourage our apprentices to pay it forward in the future by supporting those coming into the industry too.

SIMIAN’s Lead Roofing Instructor, Luke O’Gorman commented:

“It is imperative that our learners get experience in installing different manufacturers’ products to see the variants in installation specifics.

To have Manthope provide such a wide range of roofing products for our learners to use in their training is a major boost. It would have taken years for us to build up such a varied selection if we’d been purchasing it.

And the products donated have got some really good reviews from the learners too in terms of their durability and the ease of installation.”

Moving forward

We’re looking forward to welcoming the Manthorpe team to our Roofing Training Centre over the coming months to share their expert knowledge with our Slating and Tiling Apprentices.  Having access to their ongoing input with technical assistance and product knowledge will help ensure our roofing learners are amongst the best new entrants to the trade.

Thank you to everyone at Manthorpe Building Products – we really appreciate your support!