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Ladder standards are changing

29th September 2017

The British and European product standard for portable ladders has been revised. The changes mean that the type of ladders which are often referred to as Class 1 and Class 3 ladders, will no longer be available after a transition period.

The changes relate to both professional and domestic ladders and under new EN131 requirements, ladders used in the future will need to meet the following standards.

Revised ladder standards

  • Increased dimensions
  • Increased strength test requirements
  • Improved durability

The changes are designed to improve safety for those using ladders as part of their work, as well as for those using them for domestic purposes.

ladder standards

Once the transition period is complete, new ladders will have a minimum weight capacity of 150kg. If you have ladders which don’t meet the new requirements, you can continue to use these and there is no immediate obligation to replace them. Well-maintained ladders which are still in good condition can continue to be used, but it is of course good practice to plan ahead and update them at the earliest opportunity.

During the transition period, ladders which don’t meet the new standards will still be available to purchase as shops and stockists clear their existing stock. If you want to make sure you are buying ladders which meet the new standards then check with the supplier before making a purchase.

More information on the changes is available from the ladder association.