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Second Layher Advanced Course Gets the Go Ahead

15th June 2022

Users of the Layher Allround System scaffold will be pleased to know that we have now scheduled just the second commercially available Layher Advanced course to be held in the UK.

Taking place at our Anglesey centre, and being held with the support of CIST, Layher and CISRS, the course will take place for 10 days from 12 September 2022, and it is open to Layher Part Two cardholders and Part Two tube and fitting qualified Scaffolders who hold a Layher SSPTS endorsement, and who have done so for a minimum period of 12 months.

Second Layher Advanced Course released

Speaking of the course, Dave Randles, SIMIAN’s Operations Director said:

“We’re very thankful to our partners for the support in getting the second Layher Advanced course off the ground, particularly Layher who have made their equipment available again.

The scheduling of Layher Advanced courses carries unique logistical challenges, and this is because they require more floor space and far more scaffolding equipment than other courses, and therefore they require a greater level of planning, so as not to impact other centre activities.

The use of additional floor space means reduced capacity for other courses, so in addition to the logistical difficulties, we are also presented with commercial viability challenges, and these extend to needing a centre with available floorspace and facility to store the large quantities of materials that are required in the time running up to the course. Without the cooperation and assistance of CIST and Layher – this just wouldn’t have been possible.

We don’t currently know when and if there will be a third course scheduled, so we urge anyone who uses the Layher system to make an early booking, to avoid disappointment.”

The course can be booked via the booking system on our new website, and SIMIAN’s retained customers are reminded that they are entitled to 15% discount from this, and all other ‘core’ CISRS training courses.