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Lorry Hits Scaffolding in Newport

10th November 2022

Stafford Road in Newport was partially blocked following a collision between a lorry and scaffolding in late October following a scaffold collapse outside a shop.

Lorry hits scaffolding
Image credit: @newportcops (Twitter)

The hazardous structure, which had been constructed outside a shop for exterior work, fell from the building and spilled onto the road. Upon arrival at the scene, scaffolding was seen to be balanced precariously against the vehicle in question.

Police were called to seal off the scene and reported no injuries. Officers taped up the surrounding areas and advised both motorists and pedestrians to avoid the area until it was cleared and safe.

By 11:50 the road was announced to be closed, and traffic was being redirected to provide adequate time for clearance of the site.

The cause of the incident has yet to be determined, however it serves to highlight the importance of the total segregation of vehicles and scaffolds. To find out more details of the necessary precautions to protect structures from potential vehicle impacts, look to our teams handy Toolbox Talk here.