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Do I need a scaffold inspection?

29th June 2016

Yes. All scaffolds (including scaffold towers and any working platform used for construction work from which a person could fall more than 2m) should be inspected by a competent person after being erected and prior to it being used for the first time.

If you are wondering whether you require a scaffold inspection, the answer to this question will always be a resounding yes, particularly if your aim to achieve the minimum requirements for scaffold inspection as specified by Regulation 12 of the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

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Do I Need A Scaffold Inspection Following My Initial Inspection?

Yes. Following your initial inspection all scaffolds should then be inspected at regular intervals (not exceeding 7 days) and additional inspections are required if anything happens which could have an impact on the safety of the structure. This could include adverse weather conditions, vehicular impact or third party removal of critical components.

So Who Should Carry Out The Inspection?

The level of knowledge, training and experience required to inspect scaffolding varies depending on the complexity of the scaffolding. The necessary experience and qualifications for an appropriate inspector will not be the same for a simple piece of scaffolding compared to a more elaborate structure. It is widely accepted in the UK construction industry that those inspecting scaffolds should hold Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) Scaffolder or Scaffold Inspector cards. Read more about the CISRS Scheme here.

Do I Need A Scaffold Inspection For Basic Scaffolding?

Yes! The Work at Height Regulations makes no distinction for complex and non-complex structures in terms of inspection requirements.

What Records Are Required?

Inspections must be reported in accordance the Work at Height Regulations. A record of each inspection should be retained on site for the duration of the construction work and then held at an office for a period of at least 3 months after.

At Simian we offer a range of training courses including the industry standard CISRS Basic and Advanced Scaffold Inspection course, which are ideal for scaffolders who have responsibility for scaffolding inspections or are interested in progressing their career.

As leading scaffolding safety consultants, we also offer a full range of scaffold inspection services, which extend to pre-handover, design, statutory seven-day and ad-hoc reassurance inspections to supplement those carried out ‘in-house’. All of our Inspectors are highly experienced and qualified CISRS Advanced Scaffolders & Scaffolder Inspectors, and hold various levels of membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH).

We provide a full written report, including photographs, to support our findings and recommendations if required.

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