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HSE Publishes New Scaffold Checklist

3rd September 2014

HSE-logo bigFollowing the introduction of TG20:13 (A Comprehensive Guide to Good Practice with Tube & Fitting Scaffolding) by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation earlier this year, the Health & Safety Executive have now produced a scaffold checklist* that is intended to outline design requirements,and levels of competence for the erection, dismantling, altering, inspecting and supervising of scaffold operations.

The checklist replaces a similar one, relating to TG20:08 which was withdrawn when the current version of TG20 was introduced earlier in 2014. The checklist makes specific reference to the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and advises that scaffolds must be constructed in accordance with a ‘generally recognised standard configuration’ (i.e. TG20 or manufacturer’s guidance for system scaffolds) or be subject to bespoke design.

The HSE advise that information  should be shared between concerned parties to ensure that the scaffold is subject to the appropriate level of design consideration, whether this be via the TG20 eGuide or a Design Engineer and this extends to detail from the scaffold user relating to the scaffold location, ground conditions, type of access requirements, protection of others, mechanical loading requirements and detail of supporting structures etc.*

On receiving this information, the checklist requires that the scaffold contractor then shares information relating to the scaffold specification, including bay lengths, lift heights, loading (including leg loading),  details of additional items such as beam work or loading bays etc, which may be standard TG20 compliant or specifically designed and, interestingly a reference number to facilitate recording, referencing & checking.*

 The checklist also requires: –

  • Adherence to SG4 ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding’ (and manufacturer’s fall protection guidance where applicable)
  • Specific erection & dismantling instructions, where required for complex scaffolds

In line with the old checklist, the HSE have also produced a list of scaffolds that require bespoke design and point out that some of these (cantilevers, loading bays, static towers, use of rakers, bridges and protection fans) can be constructed without design to TG20:13.

Competence to carry out and supervise scaffold activity is also discussed and reference is made to the CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders’ Record Scheme) which provides additional detail on this matter and specifically which structures each grade of Scaffolder is deemed competent to erect. (Further detail to this effect can be found in the CISRS CAP 609 Booklet).

The matter of inspection is also discussed with detail being provided on required competence and reporting requirements. (Detail to be recorded and inspection timescales).

Simian clients are free to contact their Account Manager for further advice, if required.

*Not exhaustive – refer to checklist