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How Often Do I Need a Scaffolding Inspection?

9th September 2016

We are often asked questions about the requirements for scaffolding inspections such as “When do I need a scaffolding inspection?”

Simian Scaffolding Inspection

In the construction industry, scaffolding inspections are key to ensuring safe work at height, so it is of paramount importance that inspections are carried out on site at regular intervals and that they are undertaken by a competent person.

How often should scaffolding inspections take place?

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 state that scaffolding should be inspected:

• After installation/ before it is used for the first time
• At intervals of at least every seven days following installation
• Following any circumstances which could jeopardise the safety of the installation such as adverse weather conditions.

This means that even if a scaffolding structure was inspected just the day before it should be inspected again if anything has happened in the meantime which could have an impact on its structural stability or general safety. For example, if there was a storm overnight or any changes to any part of the scaffolding or any suspicion that the structure could have been tampered with.

It is the responsibility of the hirer/ user to ensure that scaffolding has been inspected in accordance with the regulations.

If you have any doubts or questions we can help with scaffolding inspections. Simian Risk can provide independent scaffolding inspections anywhere in the UK or further afield through Simian International. We also offer a range of training courses for those involved in inspecting scaffolding.

If you would like to know more, take a look at our scaffolding inspection services page to see how Simian can help and get in touch if you would like to arrange an inspection on 0345 602 241 and select Option 1.