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Helicopter used to move scaffolding in New Zealand

26th April 2016


The damaged building is owned by Auckland City Council. Extensive work was undertaken recently to repair the cladding on the tower and a helicopter was used to raise scaffolding materials to the top of the building and that’s certainly one way of avoiding the risks associated with manual handling!

The building which would usually house thousands of council workers was empty to ensure safety and minimal disruption. The street was cordoned off and crowds gathered to watch the unusual site. The operation was described as the safest and most efficient way to lift the heavy materials to where they needed to be, but we’re not sure this would be commercially viable for all but the most extenuating of scaffolding circumstances!

Although helicopters are fairly common in New Zealand they are not often seen in the city centre. The helicopter was operated by the company Sky Work and is one of only two helicopter services that are allowed to fly in and around the Auckland CBD.

The helicopter was used to carry the equivalent of two truckloads of materials including scaffolding to the top of 135 Albert Street.

Those that are involved in more conventional methods of manual handling could do worse than checking out the NASC publication, SG6:15 ‘Manual Handling in the Scaffolding Industry’.

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