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Getting started in the scaffolding industry

3rd April 2019

Whether you are a school leaver wanting to get your future career off to the best possible start, or you are looking to change career, the scaffolding industry can present an attractive prospect due to the vast opportunities it can bring.

For those looking to get their ideal start in the scaffolding industry, an apprenticeship scheme is almost definitely the best way to get qualified, meet prospective employers and ultimately gain the right skills to progress your career.

Starting your career in the scaffolding industry

What do you need to start a scaffolding apprenticeship?

Ideally, those looking to begin a Scaffolding Apprenticeship will have their level one or two (or equivalent) in English and Maths, though additional learning support is provided for those that need it. In addition to this, you must have a strong work ethic and willingness to learn; no two days are the same for a professional scaffolder, and therefore those looking to be challenged within their career will be the perfect fit for an apprenticeship of this kind.

Over the past few years, the number of females entering the industry has increased and although we shouldn’t have to say it – the apprenticeship scheme is open to all, with no gender restrictions.

The benefits of a scaffolding apprenticeship

Earn while you learn

Unlike other forms of higher education, an apprenticeship scheme requires you to gain on-site experience as you learn, therefore you will be earning a wage whilst you gain your qualification.

Internationally recognised qualification

One of the top reasons many scaffolding professionals love their job is the fact that their qualification allows them to travel across the globe. Our instructors have worked in the Middle East, China, Australia and countless other locations throughout their career.

Excellent earning potential

Becoming a fully qualified scaffolder can be a lucrative career choice, and with many avenues to go down as your career progresses, including inspection, training, or consultancy, the earning potential for scaffolders is excellent and one that can provide a very comfortable lifestyle.

Overall health

As scaffolding is obviously a labour-intensive job, your fitness levels will increase, helping you to lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

Where can you access a scaffolding apprenticeship?

SIMIAN has spent many years supporting prospective scaffolding professionals in gaining their qualifications and gaining experience in safety best practice. With apprenticeship training centres in Warrington and Waltham we provide trainees with relevant, up to date training, run by our very own experts, who have themselves experienced a long and fulfilling career in this thriving industry.

If you are interested in a scaffolding apprenticeship, please email us on