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Fully Funded Mental Health Awareness Training

15th May 2018

In support of Mental Health Awareness week  (14-20 May 2018), Simian is delighted to announce fully funded* ‘mental health awareness’ distance training.

mental health awareness training

A recent survey of 2,000 workers, which was commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation for World Mental Health Day 2017, revealed that 38% of British workers wouldn’t talk openly about a mental health problem for fear it would affect their job prospects or job security.


A further 17 % said they were worried they would face negative judgement from colleagues.


45% said they would be likely to make up an excuse such as stomach ache or back problems for absence if they needed to take time off work for mental health reasons.


One in five workers (20%) said they have seen the label of mental health misused against co-workers and this is particularly worrying given that almost a quarter of UK adults will suffer from some form of mental health problem in the course of a year.


The same survey also polled 1,000 Managers and 59% said their workplace could make improvements to current systems and attitudes to take the mental health of workers more seriously and 65% of managers felt that taking time off due to physical illness or injury is treated more seriously than taking time off to improve mental health.


UK PLC clearly has a distance to go to ensure that mental health is given the workplace priority it deserves.  To assist in bridging the gap, we are pleased to assist in facilitating a distance learning course that comprises eleven units, including stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder ADHD, OCD and PTSD.


Successful candidates will achieve a nationally recognised Level 2 Qualification in Mental Health Awareness which will add benefit in any workplace or home environment.


To apply, please email Jess Hollowell at or via telephone on 0345 602 2418.


Further information is available via the Mental Health Foundation.


*To qualify for funding, learners must have lived in the UK for three years and have been born before 01/09/1998 (aged 19+).