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Fatal scaffolding collapse at German bridge construction site

18th July 2016

The accident happened when twenty construction workers were reportedly working on the site where a new bridge has been under construction for some time.

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The 40 metre long concrete section of bridge plus scaffolding fell 20 metres onto a road below and there were initial fears that other workers or passing cars could still be buried under the wreckage.

Dramatic photographs and video footage of the aftermath of the accident and emergency services at the scene quickly appeared online showing the scale of the devastation. In addition to the individual killed and the six seriously injured there were a number of other workers who suffered minor injuries. The death toll and number injured could have been even higher had there been traffic on the road at the time of the collapse.

Police at the scene were reportedly investigating the cause of the collapse but so far no information has been released regarding what triggered this tragic accident. Work on the new bridge was scheduled for completion in 2017.

Sadly we see too many accidents of this nature, until we have more information there is no point speculating about the cause. The accident though is yet another reminder of the importance of adhering to health and safety standards and ensuring scaffolding is inspected regularly.