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Driver CPC Update

11th September 2014


Back in December, we published an article advising of the  impending requirement for ‘professional’ lorry drivers to hold a Certificate of Professional Competence. (CPC) More recently, clients have being asking questions relating to Driver CPC requirements.

With effect from 09 September 2014, there is  a requirement for ‘professional’ lorry drivers to hold (D)CPC or (Driver) Certificate of Professional Competence. Those failing to comply (when they are, in fact in scope) face hefty fines of up to £1k.

It is largely understood that CPC is not mandatory for those driving a delivery vehicle to a work site where the materials being carried are for their own use, or in other words, driving is not the main part of their job.

We asked Keith Squire, widely acknowledged road transport expert  and strategic Simian Partner to explain more and this is what he said:

“All Professional drivers have a legal obligation to ensure that their vehicle is fit for the road, including the security of any load.

As with all jobs, training is of the utmost importance and driving is no different. Employers have an obligation to ensure that drivers are adequately trained in all aspects of their work, including security of loads and the equipment needed to achieve this.

Many drivers in the industry will now be required to complete the Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) however some may be exempt. Unfortunately, those that may be exempt could find that the rules are open to interpretation by the enforcement authorities and the onus to prove exemption falls on the driver.

It will take a couple of months for the results of enforcement to kick in with case law gradually unfolding as interpretations of the legislation end up in court. Our view remains that it is cheaper to undertake the training as well as the clear benefits of actually getting some information about transport requirements.”

We will post additional news on this matter as it occurs, but in the interim period, Simian clients needing additional advice are free to contact their Account Manager who can also provide advice on training dates and requirements.