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Demand Increase for Scaffolders in New Zealand

18th May 2015

We’ve talked before about the skills shortages in our industry and the high demand for well trained, qualified Scaffolders here in the UK.  It seems the UK isn’t the only place with a skills shortage in this area!   In New Zealand they are predicting that demand for Scaffolders will increase two fold and that an influx of Scaffolders is needed to prevent a slowdown in building.


A surge in construction in the major cities like Auckland where the housing market is booming and Christchurch where rebuilding work following the 2011 earthquake is still ongoing is believed to be driving demand.  Bringing in Scaffolders from overseas to double the number of Scaffolders available for work in the country is thought to be the only way that the construction industry will be able to avoid a significant slowdown and keep pace with demand.

For those interested in working overseas opportunities are regularly being advertised for UK qualified scaffolders prepared to up sticks and move to the Antipodes.  They are looking to attract those with relevant qualifications and 2-3 year’s experience who are happy to relocate with their families.