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Dangerous Scaffolding Identified in Liverpool

8th February 2022

A Highways Inspector was sent out to a scaffolding site in late December following reports of ‘dangerous’ scaffolding on a Liverpool street.

Described as an ‘accident waiting to happen’ the scaffolding had been erected for roof access to a terraced house in the Wavertree area, but images show that a scaffolding tube  was protruding into the street, risking serious injury to pedestrians.

Dangerous scaffolding in Liverpool
Image Credit: Liverpool Echo

Investigations carried out by the Liverpool Echo, found that no application had been made to the Liverpool City Council Highways Inspector, and no permit had been issued for the scaffolding structure.

A spokesperson from Liverpool Council stated that barriers would be installed to protect the public from the dangers posed by the scaffolding, until its owners could be identified and an inspection had been carried out. Furthermore, the Council stressed that the responsibility for this scaffolding was firmly in the hands of the contractor, who is legally required to erect any structure safely and securely.

Highwayys and Pavement Licensing is a crucial first consideration when working on or adjacent to a public highway, and the terms within the licence must be obeyed, to ensure that specific local authority requirements are achieved.

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