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CSCS Smart Check App Launches

21st June 2022

The much-anticipated CSCS Smart Check App has launched, which will transform the way in which the skills of construction professionals are checked and verified.

Smart check app launches

How does the App work?

The App is able to read data behind all card types that are provided by the 38 training and qualification schemes using the CSCS, in real time. This means that gate staff at construction sites throughout the UK will be able to swiftly verify identity, card validity and confirm that CSCS and other affiliated card holders have the appropriate training and qualifications for the work they are to carry out  – all by using  a smartphone or tablet.

At its launch it was expected that an estimated 80% of CSCS cards would be readable straight away, with the remainder to be added in the following weeks.

Speaking of the new App, Head of Growth at The Joint Industry Board & Electrotechnical Certification Scheme, Andy Reakes, has said:

“The industry has long been keen to move away from visual inspections of bits of plastic.

Relying solely on visual inspections of cards displaying the CSCS logo means these processes are more open to fraud, important details such as the validity and expiry date of cards are being missed and the cardholder’s latest training records are not available to view.

It is vital that the industry has a quick and effective system to ensure people have the right qualifications, skills and experience for their role.”

He went on to say:

“It is the biggest change for site entry processes since the introduction of CSCS more than 20 years ago. It will start to improve the image of safety and promote the need for a trained and fully qualified workforce.”

Simian’s Centres in Warrington and Waltham Forest are both fully accredited CSCCS HSE Test centres, so please get in touch if you need to take a test, or renew you CSCS card.