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Coronavirus Report Figures Released by HSE

6th August 2020

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released figures on workplace-related COVID-19 exposure between 10th April and 11 July 2020.

Coronavirus report figures

Between these dates the HSE was notified with regards to 7,971 COVID-19 cases that are suspected to be linked to exposure within their occupation, with 119 deaths linked to these cases.

The majority (75%) of these cases have been attributed to the health and social care sector (e.g. hospitals and residential care homes). 85% of reports came from businesses in England, 7% in Wales and 7% in Scotland.

However, statistics have shown that from the beginning of May, these figures have fallen week-on-week, and are now at their lowest level since 12th April.

The HSE has stated that reported cases that meet its ‘Incident Selection Criteria’ will be assessed and investigations will commence, but currently no comment could be made on individual investigations.

The safety authority has gone on to say that it will continue to publish COVID-19 RIDDOR statistics on a monthly basis over the coming months.

What do these figures mean for businesses?

These sobering statistics highlight the complexity of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how crucial it is that workplaces take all necessary precautions to reduce exposure to this virus.

For the construction industry, this has presented a significant challenge due to the fact that team work is such a critical part of day to day operations. But there are a number of ways that businesses can reduce risk on site, and many are already putting these measures into practice.

The team here at SIMIAN has not only had to contend with risk assessment and planning within our own business, but we have actively been supporting our clients to ensure they implement the right measures on site to ensure safety for all.

If you are looking for health and safety guidance on site, contact our team today.

SIMIAN customers who have not yet received a copy of our latest Scaffolders’ COVID-19 Documentation Pack, can request one by calling 0345 6022 418 and speaking to Michelle Shaw.