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Construction Skills Shortage Could Last Years, Warns CBI

14th March 2022

A skills shortage has been plaguing the construction and scaffolding industries for quite some time, and it appears as though the end is nowhere in sight sadly, with 2021 research by the CBI stating that they could last for years, with a significant risk posed to the UK’s economic recovery as a result.

More recently, Matthew Percival, CBI Director for People and Skills has said of latest labour market statistics:

“Bold action is needed to go for growth, with steps to address skills and labour shortages. Replacing the apprenticeship levy with a Skills Challenge Fund and creating a new independent Council for Future Skills to optimise policy towards avoiding shortages in the future are important first steps.”

How is SIMIAN helping to tackle the skills shortage?

Of course, as a training provider to the construction and scaffolding communities, we work tirelessly to ensure that delegates achieve their qualifications and have the precise skill set required for their role. But our work goes further than this.

With the world now vehemently focused on tackling climate change, green skills are already highly sought after, and are sadly lacking. If construction professionals don’t have these skills in the not too distant future then this skills gap will be huge, and will ultimately hinder future green projects.

As a result of this, we opened our Green Skills Hub at our LASC centre, which will provide trainees with the key skills required to take part in green projects of the future.

Want to learn more about our Green Skills Hub? Contact the SIMIAN team today!