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Construction Leadership Council to Prioritise Skills & Net Zero

21st October 2022

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) announced its three-year strategy in September, which outlined its focus on “long-term ambitions” that aim to deliver “transformational change”.

The organisation’s new priorities will focus on:

  • Net zero and biodiversity
  • Next generation delivery
  • Building safety
  • People and skills

Construction Leadership Council to prioritise skills and net zero

Net zero

In working towards these priorities, the CLC will work alongside its Green Construction Board to actively drive progress on achieving net zero. This will particularly focus on minimising the whole life carbon impact of construction projects, looking closely at steel and cement use. Additionally, they will accelerate the rollout of zero emission vehicles for contractors.

Safety & skills

The CLC will look to play a key role in improving building safety, particularly in focusing on the ‘Golden Thread’, introduced within the Building Safety Act earlier this year. This allows for the collection of accessible, critical information that aims to help workers know and understand how to ensure building safety via an information system.

The organisation will also take part in driving training to improve skills within the industry. Mark Reynolds, CLC Co-Chair said: “Skills is really about making sure we have the ability and capacity to deliver the economic growth. You wouldn’t ask an athlete to go and perform if they didn’t train.”

For the team at SIMIAN, safety and skills will be an essential aspect to achieving net zero over the coming years. Construction professionals across the UK should be thinking about what ‘green skills’ will be required in future projects and working towards achieving the skills necessary to make this happen.

If you would like to learn more about our Green Skills Hub and training courses, speak to the SIMIAN team today on 0345 602 2418.