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Construction Leadership Council Backs Initiative to Address Mental Health

13th October 2021

This month, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) is encouraging businesses to down tools for one hour as part of its ‘Stop. Make a Change’ campaign, in an effort to address mental health and physical health problems experienced by construction industry workers.

Construction Leadership Council supports mental health campaign

The aim of the campaign is to allow those in construction trades the time to consider their own wellbeing, including their health and safety, and how the pandemic has affected them. Workers will be encouraged to discuss how health and safety, and wellbeing, can be improved and the how changes can ultimately be made.

This year, emphasis will be placed on working with plant, respiratory health, cancer, mental health and workplace stress.

Speaking of the campaign, Co-chair of the CLC, Andy Mitchell, has said:

“Our industry workforce is crucial to all of our future successes. We recognise the heroic efforts these workers have undertaken during the pandemic, and want to make sure that, as the industry hopefully emerges from COVID-19, we continue to look after everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing.”

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You can learn more about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic by visiting our Toolbox Talk.