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CLC Updates Site Operating Procedures to v5

14th July 2020

The Construction Leadership Council has updated version 4 of their construction sector Site Operating Procedures Guidance – ‘Protecting Your Workforce During Coronavirus (COVID-19’.

Changes within the latest version (v5) are ‘minimal’ and centre around the latest Government social distancing advice and the easing of lockdown requirements on 04 July.

The latest Government advice now permits contact within 2m, on the provision that mitigation (i.e. the use of face coverings) is implemented.

Also specified in the updated guidance:

  • Updates to the ‘When to Travel to Work’ section
  • The latest peak times for public transport
  • Entry systems to be regularly cleaned rather than between each use
  • Drivers to have access to welfare facilities
  • Canteens that have been closed or offered a restricted service may now re-open

On the back of the new advice, SIMIAN have updated our own client guidance, but again the changes are minimal, as we maintain our position that 2m of distance should be maintained whenever possible and, in most circumstances, this is achievable.

SIMIAN clients who have received previous versions of our guidance will automatically receive a copy of our latest document pack. Clients who have yet to request a pack should email