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CISRS Release New Part Two Scaffolding Module

2nd June 2016


As part of CISRS’ ongoing standardisation programme, they have just released an updated module for Part 2 tube and fitting scaffolding courses.

The new module, effective immediately, reflects the requirements for TG20:13 compliant scaffolds and contains updated detail on a whole host of scaffold types, including:

  • Bridge sections using prefabricated beams
  • Protection of the public
  • Protection fans
  • Sheeting of scaffolds
  • Scaffold ties
  • Drilled-in anchor testing
  • Roof saddle and stack scaffolds
  • Edge protection
  • Statutory scaffold inspection

The standardisation group’s objective is to ensure consistency across all accredited CISRS Training Centres, to ensure that learners have the same outcomes and learning experience, regardless of which centre they attend.

Previously, each centre was responsible for preparing and issuing its own reference material, in addition to the NASC guidance that learners receive when undergoing CISRS training. In producing a standardised module handout, it will help ensure that all learners receive the same reference material that is appropriate to the course and up to date current information and good practice.

The new module is effective immediately and will be used by all CISRS Training Centres with Part 2 accreditation.

Speaking after the launch of the new module, Dave Abraham, Simian’s Training Director said, “It is a privilege to work on the steering group committee and it is satisfying to see the committee’s hard work paying off with the release of the Part 2 module. The standardisation of all courses is helping CISRS lead the way in the construction industry as the defacto standard for Scaffolder competence.”

Simian clients requiring additional advice on the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme are free to contact their Account Manager.