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Bus Crashes into Scaffolding With Worker on it

3rd August 2020

An incident in Bath in early June saw a double decker bus crash into scaffolding, with later reports stating that a worker had been on the scaffolding when the crash occurred.

The crash occurred early afternoon on 09 June, with the number 1 route service hitting the scaffolding at a junction. The road was closed to traffic whilst the situation was dealt with but reopened later that afternoon.

It was also reported that at the time of the crash a worker had been on the scaffolding, however a spokesperson from the bus operator stated that there we no injuries sustained in the incident. The bus, scaffolding and building was reportedly damaged.

Here at SIMAN we have seen a number of incidents like this over the past few years, and each serve as a stark reminder of adequate vehicle and scaffolding segregation. A selection of similar incidents are featured in our Facebook gallery.

Information on requirements for segregating scaffolds from the risk of vehicular impact can be found in our FREE toolbox talk, ‘Segregation of Vehicles and Scaffolds’.

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