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Case Study – Improved English & Maths Skills

19th April 2021

Prior to gaining work in the scaffolding industry, 36-year-old Valentin was paid as a door-to-door leaflet dropper, but his progression into the scaffolding industry proves that age is no barrier for those taking the apprenticeship route.

Valentin, an employee of Southend-based Seabro Scaffolding Limited, lives and works in London and is based at the firms Upminster depot and is the latest in a growing line of Londoners that are bridging the current skills gap in the scaffolding industry.

Speaking during his Part 2a course, at Simian’s London Academy of Sustainable Construction (LASC), Valentin said: “I have really enjoyed the pace of the training I have received, and it’s been really interesting to be doing different types of scaffolding work out on site as I have progressed through the apprenticeship. I can’t wait to get back and complete the apprenticeship on my next visit to progress a bit further.

Doing some extra work on English and Maths has been excellent, and this has been a great help in my daily life and has increased my all-round confidence.”

Valentin during Part 2a scaffolding training

Natalie Hadfield, Simian’s Funded Learning Manager said: “Not only do our apprenticeships provide trade qualifications, but those requiring additional support for English and Maths also find that this provides a huge personal benefit both inside and outside of work, just as Valentin has found. It’s massively rewarding for the whole team when they apprentices progressing in the way that Valentin has.”

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