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Another Female Advanced Scaffold Inspector

18th October 2021

46-Year-old, Site Manager, Tanya Edwards from Waltham Forest, has taken steps to improve her scaffold inspection knowledge. She attended a CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection course, at Simian’s London Academy of Sustainable Construction (LASC).

As Site Manager for Axis Europe’s decent homes scheme, Tanya found that more of the projects she was overseeing were requiring increasingly complex scaffold designs. To perform inspections on these designed scaffolds, Tanya decided that she needed an Advanced Scaffold Inspection qualification.

female site manager improves her scaffold inspection knowledge

When speaking of her experience with Simian, Tanya said: “The training with Simian has given me a lot of in-depth knowledge of design/advanced scaffolding, including lots of things that aren’t included on the Basic Scaffold Inspection course. The tutors at Simian are very knowledgeable, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their scaffolding knowledge, particularly those in roles such as mine”.

 Neil Bewick, Centre Manager at LASC, said: “It’s fantastic to see another female achieve a scaffolding-related qualification. For years, the scaffolding industry has been unnecessarily male-dominated, when in reality – the work is suitable for anyone, regardless of gender or background. Tanya is another in a growing line of females that is bucking the trend of male domination, and hopefully, her progression will inspire other women to do the same.”

Tanya completed her CISRS Advanced Scaffold course this September, and she is now busy assisting with the inspection of complex designed scaffolds.

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