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Adverse weather conditions cause chaos

22nd January 2015

High winds and adverse weather conditions across the UK have been causing problems for workers in the construction sector.
In one incident, in Cambridge, scaffolding collapsed in the high winds. The scaffolding had been erected in the city centre where buildings were being demolished to make way for new student accommodation. Luckily when the scaffolding collapsed on to the pavement there was no one around and nobody was injured. A nearby parked car was damaged but clearly the incident could have been much more serious. A local councillor is calling for the incident to be investigated.
It is important to consider whether any of your scaffolds may have been damaged or made unstable by the bad weather and now requires inspection. Scaffolds constructed to the specification of BS EN 12811 (by design or TG20:13) will withstand any weather the UK can throw at them, so checking compliance takes on additional importance in adverse weather.
Simian can assist with scheduled or ad-hoc inspections and provide a third party, expert opinion.

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