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£20k fine for company following worker fall

24th October 2019

A building company in Coventry was fined in October following an accident that saw a roof worker roof fall three and a half metres through an unprotected skylight opening. The victim sustained fractures which could have potentially been fatal.

accident in Coventry
Credit : HSE

During a hearing, Coventry Magistrates’ Court heard that the worker had been preparing a roof for tiling on the site by attaching lathes, prior to the accident in June of last year. Following an investigation by the HSE, significant safety breaches were found on-site, including no collective or personal edge on the skylight, roof or neighbouring rooves that were shared with other properties.

The building company in question pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 6(3) of the Work at Height Regulations (Avoidance of Risks from Work at height) and was fined £20,000 and hit with a bill for £1078 in costs.

A spokesperson for the HSE stated: “The risks associated from falls from height whilst working on a roof are widely known throughout the building industry. Failing to protect workers from this risk is inexcusable. Simple safety measures could have prevented this incident and the injuries to the worker.”

This incident is another example of relatively simple safety procedures failing to be implemented on site. The roof in this case was relatively low-level, but it demonstrates the HSE’s stance that protective measures are required, regardless of the height of the work being carried out.

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