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Jackie and Susan

Jackie Thomason and Susan Russell are two of SIMIAN’s most senior members of staff and they have achieved some amazing things during their time within the construction industry.

I joined the team here as a part-time accountant around 7 years ago, before I was given the opportunity to join the board as Financial Director full time. I am now strongly involved with a number of aspects within the SIMIAN business including, strategy, systems, identifying ways in which the business can operate more efficiently as well as funding for apprenticeships.

The opportunities I have found with working within SIMIAN and the construction industry in general have been endless. I am encouraged every step of the way to pursue anything to aid in developing my skills and have been privileged to become a Trustee Director of the University Technical College in Warrington.

In my opinion the right person for a job is the right person, and gender should in no way be a factor. I believe that some may be hesitant of working in construction due to the misconception that it is a male dominated environment. However, I strongly disagree, the opportunities for women in this industry are fantastic, I cannot identify one reason why a woman should not seek a career in construction.  quote

Jackie Thomason, Financial Director at SIMIAN

I joined SIMIAN in March 2012, working within admin support. I quickly progressed into the health and safety side and went on to complete a number of relevant qualifications including IOSH, PIEMA and ACA, before progressing to management.

The opportunities I have been given to progress have been fantastic. I am able to network with likeminded people at a number of industry events, and my work with SIMIAN has allowed me to become a member and Vice Chair of the North West Construction Safety Group.

There has always been bias in the construction industry with regards to gender diversity, however I look forward to the day when the imbalance in construction is rectified, which I am beginning to see more and more.  quote

Susan Russell, UK Operations Manager at SIMIAN

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