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Our Coventry Centre is now Accredited to Deliver CISRS Part Two Scaffolding Courses

8th October 2020

We’re delighted to announce that our newest training centre in Coventry is now CISRS accredited to deliver CISRS Part Two Scaffolder training – a brilliant next step in the growth of our Midlands scaffolding training offering.

As part of the accreditation process, CISRS visited our Coventry centre, to assess that it meets the appropriate criteria. This was the centre’s second visit, having previously received accreditation to deliver CISRS Part One and COTS training.

What are the criteria for Part Two Scaffolding training delivery?

During the assessment process, the general training conditions are assessed for suitability, and criteria for consideration includes requirements for:

  • A 10-metre-high open space, adequate for erecting and dismantling a scaffolding structure;
  • Structures should be built within the centre to replicate certain scaffolding environments, such as truss outs and chimney scaffolds;
  • Having the correct materials that conform with the applicable standards;
  • Ensure areas conform to a certain size, for example 70sqm bays are outlined on the floor for each scaffolding team to work within.

Classrooms also have to meet certain criteria, for example ensuring they are equipped with the correct lighting and ventilation. In addition to this, classrooms must also be COVID-secure, allowing for social distancing, and the centre generally should provide adequate handwashing facilities and be conducive to learning in the current COVID-19 climate.

What will this mean for those attending scaffolding training courses at our Coventry centre?

Those upskilling in our Coventry centre will now be able to continue their training, including Part Two, CISRS Scaffold Inspection (Basic and Advanced), System Scaffold training (including Layher) and CISRS CPD Scaffolder refresher training.

Whether you’re looking for scaffolding training in the North, Midlands, South West or South East – you can find the training you need here.